Two tips to follow when arranging for the removal of rubbish produced by your outdoor event

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Two tips to follow when arranging for the removal of rubbish produced by your outdoor event

If you're hosting a big outdoor event, like a wedding, a market or a birthday party, you'll need to arrange for the rubbish this event generates to be removed. Here are two tips to follow when doing this.

Put the main bin near the exit

In addition to leaving smaller bins dotted around the event grounds, you should also have one much larger bin into which you can periodically empty the contents of the smaller bins (this will mean that the rubbish removal team will only have to collect rubbish from one container, which will reduce the time the rubbish collection takes). 

It's best to put this bigger bin near the main exit on the event grounds. There are a few reasons why this is the best place to put it. Firstly, if it's a big event, there's a good chance that this main bin will fill up quickly and that you'll need to use the rubbish removal service midway through the event. If you put it beside the exit rather than somewhere more central on the event grounds, the rubbish collection staff will find it easier to access and remove this refuse without disrupting the event.

Secondly, putting the main bin by the exit through which the guests will leave will mean that they'll be more likely to toss the water bottles, paper plates and wrappers into this main bin as they leave instead of absentmindedly leaving these last few bits of refuse on the tables or on the ground by the exit. This should cut down on the amount of rubbish you have to pick up at the end of the event and put it into this larger bin so it can then be taken away.

Find out the rubbish removal business offers a recycling service

You should also try to find out if the rubbish removals team offers a recycling service. The reason for this is that the type of refuse that's produced during a party, wedding or other outdoor public event is often made of materials that are easy to recycle. This might include paper plates and cups, paper food cones, plastic water bottles and glass drink bottles.

As such, you should be able to easily cut down on how much rubbish your event ends up generating for the landfill by making this request. If the rubbish collection company you've chosen does offer this service, you should ask them for a list of the specific materials they're able to recycle and find out if you need to sort them into separate bins (such as paper in one bin and glass in another).

Contact a local rubbish removal service to learn more.

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