Types of Skip Bins Best Suited for Office Cleanouts

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Types of Skip Bins Best Suited for Office Cleanouts

Typically, office cleanouts produce lots of different types of rubbish, which must be disposed of carefully. Therefore, when you are ready for an office cleanout, you may need skip bins due to their convenience and affordability. That said, hiring skip bins is not just a matter of calling rubbish removal services and placing an order. You must consider the type of skip bins to hire to get the best deal. This article highlights types of skip bins best suited for office cleanouts.

Compartmentalised Skip Bins

Skip bin design has evolved over the years; unfortunately, many businesses do not keep tabs on the developments. It is essential to know the types of skip bins that a rental company has in stock, particularly today when customers have become environmentally conscious. The reason is that throwing all manner of rubbish into one skip bin makes recycling impossible. Therefore, rather than hire several skip bins to separate your waste, ask a garbage removal firm whether they stock compartmentalised skip bins. They look like standard skips on the outside but have different compartments inside for different types of rubbish. The design is cost-effective and promotes recycling efforts.

Wheeled Skip Bins

Business premises differ, which should be a significant factor when renting skip bins. For instance, if your business lacks enough outdoor space, you have to place your skip bin out in the street, meaning you need a permit. If you add a license charge to rental costs, you begin to see how expensive it can get to rent a skip bin if you do not have space to store it. In this case, wheeled skip bins are a better option. Whether you have enough room or not, renting a mobile skip bin will save you money and make garbage removal a breeze. Even if a skip bin is in the basement of a commercial building, rubbish removal staff can easily pull the container to their truck and empty it.

Hooklift Skip Bins

During office cleanouts, you unload rubbish to skip bins using trashcans, which may take several trips depending on the amount of garbage. Since traditional skip bins are short with high sides, regularly lifting dustbins on your shoulder and unloading them to the skips puts you at risk of back injuries. Hooklift skip bins are the best for office cleanouts because they are designed with low sides and a rear door, offering walk-in access and making unloading convenient.

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