4 Essential Questions You Must Ask Your Waste Removal and Disposal Company

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4 Essential Questions You Must Ask Your Waste Removal and Disposal Company

Different types of wastes pile up during construction or demolition projects. From waste concrete and roofing shingles to wood and bulk metals, these materials require proper disposal. Since most of these materials are bulky, you'll need the help of a waste removal company. A reputable service will handle your waste disposal problems efficiently and in a cost-effective way while sticking to the required disposal regulations.

You may have no idea where to start when looking for a reliable waste removal service. However, asking these four essential questions will ensure you find the best service provider before signing up.

1. Where and How Do You Dispose of Collected Waste?

This question is crucial to ask since local regulations will hold you responsible for unethical or illegal waste disposal methods. Your business reputation can be adversely affected when you use non-compliant disposal approaches. Besides, you can suffer hefty fines or even business license cancellation. Therefore, consider asking the potential candidates whether they can furnish you with comprehensive waste recycling reports on all wastes they collect.

2. How Do You Handle Different Forms of Waste?

All businesses have different types of waste, each requiring distinctive disposal and recycling techniques. For instance, there will be various forms of debris such as siding and lumber after demolition. Therefore, you'll need to have a clear picture of how a waste disposal service handles these wastes.

Experienced waste management services offer different bins for specific waste types such as glass, plastics, cardboards, rubble, other toxic materials, etc. Additionally, they must provide comingled waste bins for all sorts of general waste (excluding hazardous wastes). Remember asking them how they dispose of such wastes and if they have a recycling plant to sort mixed waste.

3. Is Your Waste Disposal Firm Licensed?

One of the significant ways you can protect your business is working with a licensed waste removal company. They must have accreditation and license from the environmental regulation departments and local authorities. It's also crucial to ask for license copies and not just believing their claims at face value. 

4. How Qualified Are Your Staff?

When looking for a reliable waste removal company, ask about the qualifications of their staff. Have they undergone the required OH&S (occupational health and safety training)? Do they possess current white cards? These questions are crucial and will give you a clear understanding of whether their staff are qualified for the waste removal and disposal job. Additionally, this approach can save you additional costs for improper waste handling. 


When looking for a reputable waste removal service, remember asking these four vital questions to find the right one. Choose a company that can provide concrete answers backed up by facts and experience.

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