Effective Waste Management

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Effective Waste Management

Whether you are running a large or small business, you're bound to generate a lot of waste. The problem with many organisations is that they find it difficult to manage waste, which ultimately ends up in landfills. If you're finding it challenging to handle the waste you produce, consider hiring a waste management company to help transport and dispose of your waste.

Before you settle for a company, be informed about the kind of services they offer. Finding an experienced waste management partner is crucial, but it's important that they're experienced and provide services that are tailored to your business needs.

As you embark on finding the right company, here are a few things to take into account

What's the Size of Your Waste?

As you plan to implement your waste management strategy, take note of the amount of waste you produce. The best way to know whether or not you are on the right track is by conducting a waste audit. This will not only show you the amount and type of waste you produce, but it's also easier for waste management contractors to estimate and understand your waste streams.

Remove Waste Professionally

Once you know how much waste you produce in your business or organization, you should make sure that it is removed by a rubbish removal service. If possible, your business should have rules on how to properly dispose of waste. For those who've got bins, they should be placed within your business where all employees can use them.

You can even reduce your waste management burden by finding ways to recycle, reuse and reduce your waste.  

Trash Compactors Are Handy

Trash compactors are a handy waste management tool that can help you effectively reduce trash volume by reducing fire damage, odour, dumpster divers and pests.

Be Conversant With Recycling and Waste Collection Contracts

Make sure that you secure the right collection arrangement for any waste you produce. This means contacting your waste service provider who can either be your local council or private operator. As you investigate what can and cannot be recycled, you should keep in mind the impact your waste will have on your recycling ability.

If you always have your trash picked bi-weekly, make sure that your trash bin can handle garbage disposal every two weeks. If not, consider changing your contract so that the collection can be done every week.

Keep in mind that your contract is a legally binding document, and in so doing, you should consider independent legal advice.

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