Three Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Garden Waste

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Three Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Garden Waste

Garden waste is organic waste, such as leaves, shrubs, grass, branches and foliage, and it can be hard to know how to dispose of it as it typically should not go in your ordinary bin or recycling bins. Luckily, as explained below, there are a few ways to get rid of garden waste.

Try A Garden Bag Collection Service

A garden bag collection service is a great way to get rid of garden waste as you can easily throw all your garden waste into one bag and have it collected on a regular basis. For most people, a monthly collection service will be sufficient. Search online for garden bag collection services in your area as there will probably be a few, and it is possible that your local council will run their own service. Look at their prices, rules and collection times, and choose one that will suit your garden size and budget. 

Make A Compost Pile

A lot of your garden waste can be put into a compost bin, which will reduce the amount that you are throwing away as well as eventually creating a fertiliser you can use on your garden. Most garden waste can be composted, but you will need to balance it out with other types of waste, and you should avoid putting the roots of plants into your bin — these should go into your garden bag. You can also compost food waste, flowers, coffee grounds, some paper and even hair. All you will need in order to start is a closed bin and a list of what can be composted.

Repurpose Your Waste

You might not want your garden waste in its current form but that doesn't make it useless. For example, if you've been trimming a tree or hedge, there are many crafts you can make using twigs, from a key holder to decorative wall art. You could also use leaves and twigs to create a pile, which will encourage wildlife. You may also want to think about what other people could do with your waste as things like hedge cuttings and unwanted plants can easily be given away to your neighbours. Essentially, before you get rid of anything, make sure there is no way it can be reused.

Whichever method you choose for disposing of your garden waste, it will help you to keep your garden tidy. Remember that you can always choose to use more than one method and may find it helpful to have some waste collected even if you do compost or repurpose a portion of your waste. 

For more information about green waste removal, contact a professional. 

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