All About Skip Bin Permits

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All About Skip Bin Permits

A rental skip bin placed on public land is not an uncommon thing. In order to place a bin on a public sidewalk, pathway or pavement, you will need permission from your local council in the form of a skip permit.

There are several questions that those hiring a skip bin for the first time often have about skip bin permits and bin rental companies. The article below answers three of these common questions and why they are important.

Why the Need for Permits?

Contrary to popular belief, the need for skip bin permits is not all about generating revenue for local councils.

Remember that skip bins are relatively large, and they could therefore easily be an obstruction to the regular flow of traffic. Therefore, local authorities use the permit requirement as a means of monitoring the placement of skip bins to avoid traffic-related incidents that would inconvenience a large number of residents.

How Much Do Permits Cost?

The cost of skip permits is not standardised across all local councils. Therefore, the cost of the permit will depend on where you live.

For example, the city of Kingston charges $94 for placing a skip bin on public land for one week, while the local council at Cardinia charges $53 for the same. This is in addition to the standard fee required for the permit application.

Who Pays for the Permit?

This is also a factor that depends on your location. However, in a large number of jurisdictions, the bin rental company is required to apply for the permit on behalf of their clients. This is because part of the requirements for a permit application is evidence of public liability insurance run to a maximum value that can cost millions of Australian dollars.

At the end of it all, the bin rental company will factor the permit-related costs into the final cost of hiring a rental skip bin. However, certain jurisdictions require you to make the application for the permit yourself.

What Happens If There's No Permit?

You are liable to pay your local council monetary fines if their representatives find your skip on public land yet you do not have permission to do so. These monetary fines can increase your budget significantly, considering that you will still have to pay for the permit in addition to paying the fine.

Getting a permit seldom takes more than a week in most jurisdictions.

Call a residential skip bin hire service to learn more.

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