Why You Need to Recycle Old Computers

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Why You Need to Recycle Old Computers

E-waste recycling is not a very new concept. It is simply the recycling of electronic wastes such as mobile phones, computers and the like.

Apart from the fact that e-waste recycling is good for the environment, there are several other valid reasons why you should consider recycling the old computers in your office premises rather than throwing them out in the trash. This article highlights a few of these reasons.

Much Needed Office Space

Depending on the number of old computers that you have, recycling could help free up a lot of space around your office.

E-waste recycling simply helps you to get rid of these computers safely. Thus, you will not have to sacrifice any commercial office space for the storage of such computers.

A less cluttered work environment is bound to make you and your employees feel more comfortable during work hours, hence creating a positive impact on workplace productivity.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You might have noticed that the accumulation of dust is a common problem with computers that are not used regularly. One would be inclined to think that dust particles have a higher affinity for old electronics.

The accumulation of dust on these old electronics is bound to have a major impact on the quality of indoor air you breathe every time you are within the vicinity of the old computers. This is because the accumulated dust particles continue to be released into your indoor air with every passing moment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

You can also use the e-waste recycling exercise to build a positive corporate image in the eyes of your clients and potential clients.

Choosing to recycle electronic wastes is a great way to show your clientele that you are conscious of the kind of contribution that your primary business activity has on environmental degradation.

Some of your clients might not even be aware that computers can be recycled. The e-waste recycling exercise can be a valuable addition to your laid-out strategy for corporate social responsibility.

Data Security

Before you take out old computers to the e-waste recycling centre, you will have wiped out all data from these devices. Once the recycling is done, there are no chances that anyone (including your employees) can retrieve such data.

If you keep the old computers lying around in the office however, there are chances that an unauthorized party could gain access to private office data and information.

For more information about recycling, contact a local rubbish removal service.

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